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Thank you for your diligence, hard work and professionalism.

I feel honored to have this opportunity to work together with you on this

Sunny Kim, Seller Agent

We have bought and sold multiple properties using Laura, so when we decided to sell our condo (being used as a rental property) we did not hesitate to enlist Laura's services once again as our Realtor.

Laura quickly prepared all the necessary paperwork to list the property and even helped us with all the legal steps (forms, notices, etc.) we would need to notify our tenant at the end of his lease. All of this was done well ahead of time so when the lease was up we were ready to pull the trigger. Mere hours after our tenant had vacated, Laura was in the condo and getting it ready for showing prospective buyers. We introduced a further challenge by being out of town during most of the process -- but that didn't phase Laura. She filled in when we couldn't and did an amazing job; she earned every penny of her commission.Approximately three weeks after listing, we had a purchase contract for well above our asking price and less than 2 weeks later escrow was closed and the sales proceeds were wired to our checking account. Pretty amazing. And more amazing than the quick process and above-asking offer, we never set foot in the condo after calling Laura. All we did was sign forms and wait for an offer. We literally could not have done it without her. Thank you Laura!

Jennifer and Rob Babcock, Investors

Congratulations to you too!

You were really great to work with. It makes such a difference when the agent on the other side is a solid agent. Hopefully we"ll meet again!!

Joyce, Seller Agent

Thank you so much Laura for selling the house and being such a great support person to me.

I really hope to stay in touch beyond this sale. Hope things are going well for you!

Claudia, Seller

Thank you again Laura, for everything -- it was great having you on our team!


Rob, Seller

As you may be aware, before I met you I was in contact this summer with the Realtor who assisted me when I purchased my condominium back in 2004.

My roommate and I had visited his office in July, and I planned on using his services again for the selling process. I was also approached by another Realtor when I looked at a different unit for sale inside my current complex. But after meeting you and with careful consideration, I believe you can best assist my needs during the entire sale of my condominium. I need someone to look out for my position as the seller and to help drive this process forward while keeping vendor costs down as much as possible. I believe you, more than the other Realtors I was in contact with, can help me do just that. I was also impressed with the selling price on #202, and hope you can achieve a similar or better selling price for my unit. What a great day, we feel really good about the sale.

Joseph and Mark, Seller

Laura - You are amazing.

Don't apologize for promotion. You should be promoted. People need to know about you. People need your expertise, dedication and all-round Awesomeness! Thou rock the house. Literally!! Bless YOU. If you had any idea how your outstanding game made a profound difference in my life..... All I can say is a thousand Thx!! :-)

Liz Zed, Seller

“I thank Laura for her services not only as a Realtor but as someone who goes far beyond normal expectations.

Laura provided help in preparing the home and yard, help in setting the price (very important in a down turning market). She provided us with the professionals we need to prepare the house and yard. Additionally, recommending details such as which paint colors to use. She kept us informed about the status of all the little details that need to be completed before putting the house up for sale. She arranged to stage the house. Needless to say: I recommend Laura - with her services you cannot go wrong.”

Gene, Seller

No matter win or not I want to say you are the most knowledgeable Realtor I have worked with.

You may have other houses for sale, hope to work with you again.

Xiaodong, Buyer

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the tireless, sincere, and professional effort in my three successful real estate transactions during the past six months.

No one can top you, Laura. You certainly have earned my trust and confidence in you. Definitely, I will send you all referrals. Best wishes to your good health and success. Thank you Laura for sending us information and sharing your expertise with us! It has been beyond helpful! Thanks for the very hard work that you continue to provide me.

Wendy, Investor/Seller

This unexpectantly popped up in my email this morning.

What a great way to start my week. Last week I closed on one of my listings...😊 “You're doing great work and other agents are talking about it. Here's what they're saying: "She is very professional and organized. She knows what she is doing and is always available. I would love to work with her again."

Buyer Agent, Doris Hintermayr

I think it was excellent work and we will be happy to refer and recommend you to our friends.

Let us keep in touch.

Gunjan, Seller/Investor

Thanks Laura, It's been a pleasure working with you.

We will definitely recommend you to any friends looking for a Realtor.

Hendrik and Clementine, Buyer

"Laura is by far one of the most professional and dedicated real estate agent that I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the last 17 years.

She helped by purchase my 1st property in California in 2003, sell another property in 2013 and in late 2020 helped me purchase a property in Oregon. Laura made the process of buying and selling properties a seamless process. She took care of everything from A to Z and kept me in the loop every step of the day! She was extremely responsive to my calls and emails and had my best interest at heart throughout the entire transaction. Laura works extremely fast and efficient. For example, during the recent purchase of the Oregon property, Laura notified me of a great property that was a good fit for what I was looking for within 4 minutes of it getting posted online. I liked the property and decided to make an offer right away. Laura contacted the seller, made an appointment to see the property within 12 hours, we made an offer to purchase the property few hours after that, the offer was accepted right away (not giving anyone else the chance to get into the deal) and was able to close escrow within 3.5 weeks! I highly recommend Laura for anyone interested in purchasing/selling real estate properties in California, Oregon or Globally. She is simply a phenomenal person, takes extremely good care of her clients, has their best interest at heart, is very responsive not to mention a wonderful and caring person. Thank you Laura!" You are the best!

Rizk Family, Buyer

Laura is great!

She's very professional and genuinely cares about her clients. She's on top of things and answers questions in a timely fashion. She made a daunting process easier to understand and was supportive every step of the way.

Juan and Silva, Buyer

Laura represented us in selling a unique property in Veneta, Oregon.

My father in law lived in the property and she was so gracious with him and went above and beyond her typical job duties to make sure he was comfortable with the process as well. This was important to us living out of state and selling in Oregon. Laura is very well versed with all aspects of possible issues that can occur when listing and selling a home. She had an answer to every question and her negotiation skills were top notch. We would highly recommend her to anyone and will definitely call her if any of our friends are in need of an outstanding agent. Thank you Laura!

Sellers (out of state) Kara and Jessie

Great news, thanks Laura for the update and for doing such a great job for the Schoenfeld's.

Susan Schmidt, CRP, GMS Relocation & Corporate Services

Hi Laura, Thank you very much for the important e-mails you are sending.

This is the kind of information we need at these critical times. Thanks for taking the time and sharing. Thanks for being pro-active and a part of the solution instead of the problem.

L. Mazza

You are an amazing person and I am thankful to have met you.

Thank you so much again for your outstanding work in helping us sell the property

Peter Rizk, Seller and Investor

Laura, you just made my day!

! Yea!!! Good Job!!! Thank you, Laura!!! So glad we turned this one over to you!!! Thank you.

Michi Olson, GMS Vice President, Relocation and Business Development

Congratulations on this achievement.

It showcases you as a committed team player! We appreciate it. Thanks.

Paul Hulme, President & CEO

I feel fortunate in being able to say, that while I never would have imagined it could be so, selling my home turned out to be a relatively painless event & a minimal stressor.

I attribute all that to the talent, skills and dedication of Laura Perkins and her commitment to her customers and to her profession as a Realtor. She came highly recommended from trusted friends who had experienced Laura's realty expertise first hand and they did not lead me astray, in their confidence in her abilities. As I listened to her expert guidance after she answered my cautious and anxious first phone call contact, I felt her confident leadership steering me always in a positive & forward-moving direction to get this task to the finish line. She offered proficient communication, leadership & direction in all aspects of the move, navigating not only a complex paperwork process but also the bigger physical puzzle pieces and specificities. All I actually had to do was trust in her experience and ability and she did not let me down. In allowing Laura to take the reins, any potential for the experience of overwhelm was completely sidestepped as Laura went about helping me connect all the helpers, the players and the dots with expert efficiency and high energy, taking care of all manner of tasks and details, large and small. Laura created a win:win all round and managed the whole process from start to finish commendably, with high competence. She has my unreserved recommendation, and I would be happy to speak with anyone who is considering hiring her to convey to them my enthusiasm first hand. I wish for you as smooth a transition as possible in your home-moving journey, and in my opinion, there is a no more likely place to find that true treasure than with Laura Perkins at the helm, a great Realtor who goes the distance and plays a truly knowledgeable game! In gratitude

Elizabeth, Seller

My residence was recently sold by Laura Perkins, Realtor.

I had met Laura while she was in the process of selling my neighbor's home. There were several Realtors who wanted to work with me. After speaking with Laura, I felt she would be the best one to represent me through this process and I soon realized it was the best possible decision I could have made. From the first steps to the last, she was right there with me all the way. There were many steps to selling real estate, but with a true professional like Laura Perkins, she made the entire process as smooth as possible. Her dedication to her job is commendable. She can be counted on to help with all the details, whether it was paperwork I had questions about, or getting my home upgraded for selling, she had all the right answers. She put in much labor herself, and worked with contractors to get my home looking like new while keeping costs low. I was very happy with the selling price, and it was all done in such a timely manner. Laura kept me updated every step of the way so I always knew what was going on, and always had great advice I could count on.I'll recommend Laura Perkins to my family, friends, co-workers and anyone who is buying or selling real estate in the future. She has my highest respect and recommendation for all your real

Christopher Mark Anderson, Seller and High School Teacher

Keep doing what you do, because you are so great at it.

Virginia, Buyer

“Laura was referred to me by a close friend and she did a fantastic job helping me purchase my first home.

I never felt like I was alone throughout any step of the process and it all went super smoothly, she was always so on top of things. Thank you so much Laura!!" Cheers!

Adam Bell, Buyer

We really appreciate the efforts that you have taken to keep us informed.

Karthik and Divya, Seller and Buyer

You have been outstanding to work with!

I do appreciate your support and attention to detail. We think Laura has an exceptionally keen eye regarding market trends.Laura demonstrates outstanding business acumen and sound judgment. She helped us understand everything and made the process much less stressful.It's apparent Laura thrives on mentoring and assisting others with an open heart and hand and are we ever happy about that!Laura truly cared about what we wanted and did not want and found us the perfect place. Thank you, Laura!

Mr. and Mrs. , Buyer

We cannot thank you enough for the excellent work you did on selling both our properties.

You went well beyond what any agent would do to get our properties in shape, sold, and the best deal we could have ever hoped. You keeping us focused and on track is the linchpin that made this all happen and solely to our benefit. We could not be more pleased with how you managed our transactions. Without question, you are our first choice for any future Real Estate needs or investments.

Sal and Patti Esposito, Sellers


Massey (your client) is our team mom. We got to talking, she knows my Mom and sister super SMALL world; anyways, she told me you are her Realtor and she spoke very highly of you, telling me how totally organized and on top of everything you are. Her fiance s experience;she is a family friend and really nice and all, but I cannot believe how thorough Laura Perkins is compared to his Realtor. I look at where I am in my transaction and where he is, and I feel really lucky! As I have said before, I really do respect you and can tell you are a great agent.

B. Grassi

You are a very generous person.

Thank you for sharing your wealth of information. I appreciate it very much.

Lydia Kou, Buyer

Thank you for your extra ordinary effort on behalf of your clients and all parties.

A true professional.

Rob Godar

“If you are looking to sell/purchase a home and want someone experienced to smooth the journey, Laura Perkins is the person!

Laura will take you step-by-step thru the process and leave nothing to chance. She has the knowledge, experience and professional poise to get you the best deal. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, as she will go the extra mile to ensure her clients are well taken care of, their best interests are paramount!”

Mandy, Seller

Your dedication is amazing.

You are an excellent professional and a hard worker. I am so glad you are helping us. Have a great week.

Renan Santos, Seller

Thank you, Laura, for your kind words.

I too have enjoyed working with are so responsive and have taken care of everything in such a timely manner....the sign of a true professional....I sure hope our paths cross again in the future. In the meantime, wishing you many escrows....and may they all be smooth sailing :)

M. Baron, Realtor

You help people all the time and you have a very cute personality.

I love it!!!

Daphne, Landlord/Seller

My home had foundation issues that needed to be addressed.

There were cracks in the stucco along the back wall of the house. Inside there was a crack between the ceiling and the wall that would widen when we were in drought and close when we were in a rainy season. It was not going to get any better and perhaps even get worse. Who to call? I wanted to find someone with knowledge of the city codes, experience with this type of problem, and people to do the work. My friend, Laura Perkins, Senior's Real Estate Specialist, was able to recommend Contractors and Engineers. Selecting the right contractor was of primary importance to me and I value her recommendation highly. I was supported all the way through this project. The contractor/owner, explained the entire process to me and told me I could remain in my home while they did the work of lifting the house and strengthening the underpinnings.

Ellie, Senior Seller

“I have known Laura Perkins for almost 20 years, but didn’t have the opportunity to use her real estate services until about 6 months ago.

After using Laura to represent me as a seller, I would never use any other agent other than Laura Perkins. I was selling my mother’s house, who had recently passed away. Laura took control of the process and put my mind at ease. She walked us through the entire process from beginning to end, set our expectations, and exceeded those expectations. She knew how to handle getting the property ready for sale to get the best possible price. She knew how to handle other agents to get the best possible price. Laura Perkins is proactive, on top of everything, manages everything and is the one to hire. I will only use Laura in the future. I highly recommend her.”

Patti O'Neill, Seller

I surely will refer anyone I know to you, Laura.

You do a very efficient job. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Wendy, Buyer

Thanks again for your excellent work to get us the house and have it close ahead of the schedule.

We knew we were in good hands once we started working with you and we will highly recommend you to anyone in the housing market. Thank you for your hard work and it has been a pleasure working with you.

Chang-Lee and Tien, Buyer

Laura - Jielin and I feel fortunate to have you helping throughout the days and nights working on the contract.

We are very impressed by your skills and diligence. Many, many thanks.Happy New Year!

Shiyou Pei and Jielin Dong

“Laura went above and beyond to make sure our home purchase went smoothly.

Not only did she give us sound recommendations for other professionals, she provided sage advice regarding our purchase, she was always available to answer our questions (even before we got to Oregon), and kept in communication through every phase of the process. When obstacles came up-- she found solutions. Moreover, she is extremely well prepared and has a genuine concern for your interests. We are glad we hired her!”

Mr. and Mrs. Joachim, Buyers

If you want to buy or sell a house, this is the person to help you do it!

! She will go above and beyond and you will be amazed. We are so thankful God blessed us with your skillful and dedicated talent and passion. Thank you Laura Perkins! Thanks for all the help you give us! You are an amazing

Marcos and Cristine Amorim, Buyer

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